Our beds can be completed with plain headboards, headboard-containers with compartments, under-bed drawers

Totem beds can be completed also with under-bed drawers

and sides for children's beds. 

Totem beds combines with our hanging or regular night tables

the TOTEM bed


3 cups


Totem has developed different beds over the years. The types vary from children's beds to single, full size and queen size beds, combo, bunk and loft beds. Sizes can be adapted. 

The bases of the beds are made of perforated panels, which are firmer than slatted supports. In our experience, this is the best in terms of function, hygiene and ergonomics.

The bases are designed so the mattress rests on the entire surface of the bed base and not only on the strips of the slats. This allows optimal mattress performance over time. 

In terms of hygiene, the base is accessible and easy to clean, there are no recesses, cracks or places where dust can settle. The bed bases can be turned upside down in case of surface damage.

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