the TOTEM birch plywood

Totem products are made 100% of wood. The birch plywood is the featured material in Totem products embodies all the qualities for producing unique, high-quality, durable designs. Birch plywood is a semi-finished material made by several layers of wood whose crossed fibers make the 12mm thick panels very robust. The panels are cut with the precision of a laser beam, obtaining the individual components for each Totem product. The panels are certified E1 and CARB standard which guarantee that the formaldehyde content in the glue meets specific parameters defined by current environmental regulations.

The material plays a key role in children's interaction with our products. The light, homogenous, unfinished wood surface can be colored or decorated.


We provide the product unfinished and children can decorate surfaces of our products with chalk, crayons or colored pencils. Maintenance and repair are always possible simply by sanding the surface. This can be done by anyone and restores the wood to its natural state.


The components are 100% birch wood, assembled using joints, without the use of glue or metal parts. No tools are required for assembling or disassembling.