the TOTEM children furniture

Totem children's furniture have the same characteristics as adult furniture in terms of strength. The light-weight and flexible materials we utilize offer strength and durability.

Thanks to the use of joints, wooden screws and pins, the structures created can bear up to 30 times their own weight.

Our products are designed to be modular and transformable depending on the needs of the customer, the dimensions and morphology of the space. 


In many cases, Totem children's furniture, are convertible and take on other functions. A child's bed can become a sofa or a desk, in other cases it can be equipped with accessories, such as side rails or drawers. 

Children's furniture also inspires creativity and playfulness. Some Totem products (such as L9 or L1) were thought up by children and we translated them into useable objects. 

Our designs for children change into other pieces so that they can transform to adapt to new environments.

Interlocking assembly has an educational value, allows people to understand, in a clear and simple way, how a product is made, how the various components fit together, how they are used to construct a robust, functional object, how to assemble it. The joints express the very nature of the objects, the logic underlying their construction and their function. By looking at the disassembled components, it is easy to understand how they were designed and manufactured. This clarity and linearity in the assembly corresponds to the clarity and linearity of the design, highlighting coherence between simplicity, ecology and sustainability and the final result.

The exclusive use of wood, without metallic or plastic parts, makes these products easy to recycle and discard when their useful life is over. All our products are guaranteed CARB and E1 standard formaldheyde emissions. 

In Totem furniture the material plays a key role in children's interaction with our products. The light, homogenous, unfinished wood surface can be colored or decorated. We provide the product unfinished and children can decorate surfaces of our products with chalk, crayons or colored pencils. Maintenance and repair are always possible simply by sanding the surface. This can be done by anyone and restores the wood to its natural state. 

In addition to traditional types of beds, we have developed a range of combined/modular beds such as bunk beds that separate into two single beds or stacked beds (two beds that combine to make a double bed), pull-out beds in different combinations with two or three beds plus a table.


In children room loft beds are an excellent space-saving solution. Their delicate line offers extra space for guests in your living room almost without being noticed, or, if used in a bedroom, you can take full advantage of the space underneath. It takes almost no time to assemble or disassemble and the dimensions can be adapted to any need.


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