the TOTEM interlocking furniture

The educational value of interlocking furniture. 

Interlocking assembly allows people to understand, in a clear and simple way, how a product is made, how the various components fit together, how they are used to construct a robust, functional object, how to assemble it. By looking at the disassembled components, it is easy to understand how they were designed and manufactured. This clarity and linearity in the assembly corresponds to the clarity and linearity of the design, highlighting coherence between simplicity, ecology and sustainability and the final result.

The components are 100% birch wood, assembled using joints, without the use of glue or metal parts. No tools are required for assembling or disassembling. We are looking for distributors in North Europe countries.


The interlocking technology and the material we use (birch plywood) make our products particularly robust, durable and at the same time light.