Our criteria

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ANTI-CONSUMPTION: to protect harmony and for creating a new balance between humans and nature. Our designs are meant to last, against the planned obsolescence that is prevailing in the market.
Totem products are built to last, if they are ever damaged, they can be easily repaired.


EVOLUTION: the organic dimension of Totem. Instincts that remain the same do not evolve, consciousness counterbalances instinct and also does not suffer the effects of evolutionary processes.
Totem evolves, changing according to your needs.


NATURE: the man outside of nature has a distorted perception of the world, satisfies his instincts in an alienated dimension. There is no direct relationship between the need and availability, nor the perception of limit.
Totem is nature, without waste, without pretensions.


BALANCE: the need to rebalance the relationship between instinct and consciousness. Do we want a “luxury home” that is also “low cost”? This is not possible. We can have a home with quality furniture at the right price. This is Totem.


HARMONY: as a value itself, the perception of harmony is the legacy of few. Art and harmony are the criteria that give form to Totem’s values, ​​and include all of the above criteria.