Birch plywood: the featured material in Totem products embodies all the qualities for producing unique, high-quality, durable designs. Birch plywood is a semi-finished material made by several layers of wood whose crossed fibers make the 12mm thick panels very robust. The panels are cut with the millimetric precision of a laser beam, obtaining the individual components for each Totem product. The panels are certified E1, which guarantees that the formaldehyde content in the glue meets specific parameters defined by current environmental regulations.​


The furniture can be supplied without any treatment, varnished with a water base paint or with a paint kit. The finish can be neutral/colorless or colored (white,black, yellow, orange, red, lilac, blue, green). The paints used have the EcoLabel label, which certifies compliance with European regulations to reduce environmental impact.


If You choose to get the paint kit, everything You need is included in the package. Apply the varnish with the roller provided and wait 20 minutes until it dries. Sand lightly with fine grit sandpaper. With the paint kit You can customize Your product by choosing the color of each component. This finishing process allows for an easy maintenance in the event of scratches and stains by sanding and repainting only the damaged parts.