Since 2004, Totem has designed and built made-to-order structures with the same materials, technologies and policies that are used for furniture production. The Totem spaces system is based on the creation of individual objects or entire rooms designed as large assembly kit according to the logic of interlocking.

Traditionally, customized furniture has been an elite product requiring high design and construction costs. The quality of the result also depends on the builder’s skill and the quality of the materials used. The construction of Totem spaces, however, is based on a completely new approach: digital design and laser cutting technology, allow for the rapid and accurate realization of individual items or complete living spaces made entirely of wood, but without the substantial traditional woodwork and carpentry costs.

The system does not pose limits from the constructive point of view, in fact, it offers the possibility to build any internal element – be it structural (walls, stairs, railings, platforms) or functional (doors, kitchens, cabinets and furniture of all kinds).

Cost containment

The cost per square meter of a Totem space is significantly less than the cost of a custom-made, traditional structure.

Rapid realization

The delivery time of our structures is very short thanks to the fact that the elements are directly assembled in loco and do not require carpentry interventions in a workshop.

High quality products

The jointed assembling system makes the furniture structures extremely strong. The joints are always 100% accurate thanks to laser technology.


All Totem space components and structures are made from large format birch plywood panels. The even surface, with slight streaks ranging from white to soft yellow, can easily be painted. The panels are calibrated to a constant thickness and cut with numerical control laser machines. This type of technology leaves a blackened, literally “burnt”, edge, emphasizing the graphic effect and stressing the thickness. Before being mounted, the components are painted. We currently use two types of finishes: one is oil-based and the other is water-based. Both procedures offer the possibility to color the components or leave them in their natural state.


Given the flexibility of the system we do not have a catalog of predefined structures, but we offer free estimates for the construction of entire rooms or individual customized products. To receive a quote, simply send a drawing of the room to be furnished, equipped or built and a short description of product features or functions you want. Finishing and assembly can be carried out either by Totem or by the customer, the costs of these services are detailed in the estimate. To guarantee the quality of products, Totem and the Customer sign a contract that specifies the work to be carried out, the characteristics of the materials and finishes, the costs and the delivery and payment methods. This document is attached to the preliminary project.